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The Basic Rules for Treating Sexual Dysfunction at Home

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If any of the proposed recipes did not give a positive result within one month after taking, then it is recommended to seek help from a qualified urologist.


In the process of preparing brew and medicinal infusions, the recommended proportions should have adhered most strictly. Despite the fact that all components are natural herbs and extracts, exceeding the dosage can provoke the most adverse consequences.


The raw materials must be clean and dry. It is best to buy herbs in a pharmacy or collect them yourself away from high-traffic roads, the air of which can be saturated with harmful toxic substances.


If you want to reach the highest effect of taking brews, you should adhere to the recommended dosage. Do not skip the use of healing fluid, because it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of treatment.


Prepared medicinal tinctures are not recommended to be stored for more than two days, only if this is not a condition of preparation. It is best to cook a fresh product every day, and the impact will have the most positive effect on getting rid of premature ejaculation.


What Are the Natural Ingredients That Constitute the Products for Preventing Premature Ejaculation?


Natural Ingredients for Preventing Premature Ejaculation


We have already said that in the modern pharmaceutical market there are many remedies and drugs that can effectively eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation. Most pharmacies contain synthetic components, which can cause adverse reactions in the body. An alternative option for drug treatment is taking food additives. Let’s consider the main active ingredients that can be a part of natural biological products:


The Motherwort herb contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and organic acids that increase potency, and also prevent premature ejaculation. In addition to having a positive effect on sexual function, the Motherwort calms the nerves and helps to get rid of stress.


Hops cones have a diuretic effect.  This component normalizes the functioning of the urogenital system, which directly affects the quality of ejaculation.


Vinca is a unique plant that acts as an excellent preventive against impotence. It increases potency, and also makes an erection more powerful.


Lovage root is an efficient remedy that prevents the development of sexual dysfunction. It helps to increase potency, and also increases the duration of sexual intercourse in combination with other active ingredients. Regular taking of Lovage root will help to improve sexual arousal.


Little Hogweed is an indispensable ingredient in the treatment of premature ejaculation. It actively used in the production of drugs that are aimed at eliminating the symptoms of infertility.


Mint or lemon balm. These components are necessarily included in food additives to treat male dysfunction. The leaves of mint have the most positive effect on the normalization of the human nervous system. Mint has a soothing effect.


Inula is a universal plant that not only prevents premature ejaculation but also significantly improves the quality of sperm. It has a diuretic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.



Sweet Clover is tested and useful plant that increases libido, eliminates manifestations of decreased potency, and also positively affects the quality of erection and sperm. It normalizes the hormonal background in case of its violation.


Field Horsetail helps to get rid of chronic prostatitis. It normalizes sexual function and also strengthens the immune system. By its chemical properties, this component can make a worthy competition to the male testosterone.


So, in nature, there is a huge number of plants that can help overcome a wide variety of diseases. It is especially useful to take remedies based on natural herbs for those people, whose problems have the intimate origin. Do not go immediately to the pharmacy for medicines on the synthetic basis. Look around and you will see that in the world there are many ways and remedies to overcome sexual dysfunction and the main thing is to want to be healthy.


Premature ejaculation in men is a fairly common and dangerous problem, which requires a timely and urgent solution. After all, against the background of such a violation, not only physical but also mental disorders can arise.