10 Sex Positions To Delay Ejaculation And Last Longer In Bed

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Are you embarrassed with premature ejaculation you experience every time in bed? Do you want to prolong your sexual activity and impress your partner with your abilities? Do you wish to hear in bed pleasant words and sighs? It’s not so difficult to do what you want.

Well, this article is focusing on simple and easy steps you should make to realize your dreams in the bedroom. Some sex positions will help you dip into the feelings of love and sexual sensations and stop thinking how not to finish early. So, here are positions that will make you last longer in bed and satisfy your partner in full.

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1. The Spooning Position


You may initially think that this position is nothing else but a trick, but it is entirely realizable, and the effects are worth doing it. You and your partner should lie on your sides with your faces in the same direction and her pelvis higher than yours. She should bend forward at her hips and lift her top leg for you to penetrate your penis into her vagina. You may use a lubricant to ease the process.

When your penis is in its place, you may tighter lean against your partner, hugging her with your arms. A man is responsible for all movement leading the encounter. However, your woman can match your actions to intensify sensations.

In this position, your penetration and strokes are shallow so that you won’t go deep overstimulating your penis. It also does not allow you to go too fast as your little buddy may fall out.

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2. The Side By Side Position


Both of you should lie on your sides with your faces meeting each other and her pelvis higher than yours. You should lift her top leg and put it around your waist. In this position, penetration is a bit tricky and requires some skills. You may use your hand to show your penis its way. You may move away from each other or lift her leg higher. A lubricant will help you arrange the process.

When your penis is in its place, her leg should tightly embrace your waist. You may start moving by stroking in and out gently. Your partner may initiate the activity by moving toward and away from your body. Defining how to match each other is a ticket to success.

This position does not allow you to penetrate deep into her vagina so that you can avoid overstimulation. It is also very intimate, and you may enjoy each other during the whole process.

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3.The Cross Position


You should lie on your side with your face turned to your woman. She should lie on her back with her body perpendicular to yours and her legs over the side of your pelvis. Take her legs apart and let your penis go inside her. You may start moving forward and back, holding her hips. You may also come close to her body to experience spicy sensations.

In this position, your movements are limited. Your penis can go a bit deeper than in the first two poses, but you can’t employ all your force as you are lying on your side. Besides, you can easily reach her clitoris and pamper it with your hands. It’s an excellent option to take a break when changing positions or having sex when you want to relax completely.

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4. The Doggy-Style Position with Modifications


This modified version can help you last longer in the bedroom. You may start from the regular doggy-style position when your partner is on her knees and hands, and you are on your knees behind her. Your woman should begin lowering her body down until she lies fully on the stomach and you should follow her. But be careful that your penis does not fall out.

You may lie down on your partner’s back or stand back on your knees with your legs outside her legs. You will take control of all movements during your sexual activity.

In such a position, you will experience all doggy-style benefits and unbelievable sexual sensations and avoid intense stimulation. So, you can enjoy your partner longer. Besides, it’s one of the best positions to hit her G-spot.

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5. The Sitting In Chair Position


You should take your place in a comfortable sofa or chair (armrests as additional support are preferable). You partner should lower her body, sitting down on your lap with her back turned to you (like sitting in a chair), and you should show a way for your penis to her vagina.

Your woman can move up and down, take breaks staying still or contracting her pubococcygeus muscles to let your penis go deeper into her vagina. And you may tell your partner when you are close to orgasm for her to stop and wait until you are ready to continue.

This position is also an excellent alternative to the doggy-style position.

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6. The Sitting Position

Sitting Position

You should sit down with your legs crossed and let your partner sit down on your lap with her legs around your back and arms around your neck. When lowering onto your lap, she may help your penis get into her vagina.

She is a leader in this position and can move up and down or in circular motions. You can lean back or forward to add more pleasant sensations, or both of you can synchronically move away from and towards each other.

This position appears to be very sensual. Though you penis goes deep inside, you won’t be overstimulated. You can regulate your speed, go slower, or take breaks to get a second wind.

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7. The Woman On Top Position


You should lie on your back, putting your head on the pillow. Let your partner sit on top of you, embracing your hips with her legs. Now, she is ready to lower on your penis, leaning forward and shifting her body on her elbows.

She takes entire control over the sexual activity. You should tell her when you are close to ejaculation to take a break and then continue enjoying the process. She should move her hips slowly back and forward or in circular motions to avoid the unexpected finish.

You may think that “Woman On Top” is quite a firing and hot position as you can go deep – and it’s true. But when she leans forward, a penis penetration becomes shallower; your strokes are less intense, and you can get relaxed kissing your partner.

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8. The Stand and Carry Position


The key benefit of this sex position is that you have sex standing. It allows men prolong their sexual activity as they can concentrate not only on their sensations and genitals.

When you take the “Stand and Carry” position, you should be sure that you have enough strength to hold your partner and have well-balanced feet and legs. You should take your woman with her legs going around your waist. She can guide your penis into her vagina.

9. The Back To Front Position

You should lie on your back with your knees raised, and bent and your partner should sit astride your penis, leaning against your knees and with her back meeting your face. In the beginning, you may feel some tightness, but you will gain comfort.

A lot of men report that they can last longer in this position. And you are recommended reserve it for the morning sex.

10. The Missionary Position


Probably, this position is not the most exciting or crazy-driving in bed, and it can hardly get “The Best Sex Position Award” for its uniqueness, but it can be of great help for men, who want to prolong their sexual intercourses.

In this position, you can regulate your stroke speed and interrupt your encounter when you feel you are going to ejaculate and withdraw your little body from her vagina. When you calm down, you may continue enjoying sex and satisfy your partner.

You are recommended starting from the body-to-body position as you experience more intense stimulation when your partner lifts her legs, or you raise your body up. Then, you can slowly go upper.

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