8 Simple Secrets to Prolong Sexual Encounter without Doctors, Pills, and Pain

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When your sexual intercourse ends immediately or in a few minutes after the penetration, it brings satisfaction or pleasure neither to you, not to your partner. It starts embarrass you, causing stress and anxiety, and possible problems in your relations.

The bedroom is the very place where you don’t want to finish early. Most sexologists agree that it is a short erection that makes men feel disappointed and frustrated. But it is not the right time for any embarrassment as there a lot of techniques that can make you last longer in bed. Here are effective tips that will make your sex life more fantastic.

1. Read the Kama Sutra


The Kama Sutra offers an excellent technique for delaying your ejaculations. It’s the so-called self-training to last longer in the bedroom. Men are recommended starting their sexual activities slowly – with one stroke in three seconds. Within four to five minutes, they should speed up step by step, increasing the intensity of the strokes up to one per second.

If you feel that you are close to ejaculation, you should take a break and stay inside your partner until the control is regained. Then, you will start the process from the very beginning.

2. Rest at ease


Sex anxiety is a key reason that prevents you from getting firm and method erections! When you get into bed with your partner, you should start thinking about more pleasant things, kissing your partner, and caressing her body. Be more confident of your strength and virility and try to turn off your embarrassment. This is what misleads you and your mind. If you start getting worried, you should stop, breathe deeply, and concentrate on your main purpose. Take a mind rest and focus on the processes of your body and sensations you are experiencing during sexual intercourse.

3. Change details during sexual activity

If you feel that you are close to the finish, you are recommended changing your stroke speed. You may tease your partner, taking your penis out and putting its head between and up and down her labia. A female vagina includes an enormous amount of nerve endings that are in the lower part of the vaginal canal. So, when you are caressing them with your penis, your partner will experience extreme pleasure and enjoy the unbelievable experience in bed.

4. Don’t speed up


If you may ejaculate sooner than you and your partner would like to, you are recommended taking your time in the bedroom. Don’t hurry as a lot of men like too. Also, you will have more time to explore and caress her body. You may kiss her ears and neck, make your hands cherish her breasts, and tell her kind words. You should enjoy your trip that can secure your end.

5. Do exercises

If you want to improve your sexual function, you may start doing the pubococcygeus muscle (PC) exercises. These muscles go from the pubic bone to the tailbone and from the floor of the pelvic capacity. You are recommended contracting and relaxing your PC muscles by stopping your urinary process to define where they are located. Do 15 reps three times a week. When you are squeezing the PC muscles, this increases the blood flow to your penis and enhances your erections.

6. Try the 7 and 9 technique

You are recommended practicing the 7 and 9 technique to last longer in bed. This implies alternating seven fast strokes with nine slow strokes. This rhythm is excellent for men, who can’t stay active as long as their partners require. Also, such method is a good way to stimulate a woman.

7. Don’t penetrate your penis deep


If you feel that deep penetration into her vagina make you cum faster than you would like to, you shouldn’t go far into the vagina to avoid orgasm. In other words, your strokes should be shallow. Alternating shallow strokes with deep may also help you to prolong your sexual performance and bring higher satisfaction.

8. Try the squeeze technique

The squeeze technique is recommended for men as a premature ejaculation therapy. Applying some pressure to the penis can help men get and maintain erections.

You should form an OK-grip with your thumb and index finger and place it at the base of your shaft when the penis is erect. This allows more blood to flow to your phallus. Then, you should apply more pressure to the underside of your penile head that is full of nerve endings. And press on the spot that is between the base of your testicles and the anus. This can stop the flow of ejaculate and delay your erection.

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