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So you can avoid the embarrassment and the humiliation of premature ejaculation, last longer in bed, and start giving your girl multiple penetration orgasms every single time.

In this article, I am going to reveal what I call three stamina killers. These are the physical things that you are most likely doing wrong if you are cumming faster than you want to.

Here are the three physical stamina killers that cause premature ejaculation and how to stop them.

1. Flexing your PC muscle

PC muscle

This is the muscle that you would tighten if you wanted to take a piss right now but had to hold it in. A lot of guys tend to flex this muscle while having sex because they think it makes them feel bigger and harder to the girl. The fact is she does not feel the slightest difference. Especially if you have done your job of foreplay properly, she will be so physically and emotionally at the moment that it does nothing for her. Us, guys, on the other hand, we feel it, and it cost us big time.

Flexing the PC muscle puts a high level of pressure on our manhood. And whenever the body feels pressure, the natural reaction is to find the quickest way to release it. In this case, it is through an orgasm.

So when you are in bed with the girl, let you PC muscle relax! Now at times, it can be hard to do. Sometimes it feels like it just tightens up all by itself, and you can’t stop it. The way to avert this from happening is to exercise it. It is straightforward. Every so often throughout the day, just squeeze that PC muscle of yours and hold it in for 3-5 seconds. You will get used to flex and relax it on command and will go a long way in how much you can control it when you are in the bedroom. It will also help you reinforce your abdominal muscles, which is obviously a nice bonus.

2. Holding out the breath

Holding out the breath

The second thing we do that costs us big in the bedroom is holding out the breath. This is an absolute killer, and the worst part is that when it happens, we usually don’t even notice it. I mean, how often do you pay attention to your breathing, especially when you are doing something as pleasurable as sex? But if you think back at the last time you came earlier than you wanted to, you will begin to remember that you were most likely holding your breath. Just like when you are squeezing the PC muscle, not allowing any air to fill your lungs, creates pressure in the body. And what happens next? That is right. The body looks for a quick release. Breathing is a vital factor of stamina. Many of us have got into the habit of breathing more shallow than natural. So just make sure you are taking full, natural deep breaths, and you will notice your stamina improve immediately.

3. Closing your eyes


The third of these three physical stamina killers is closing your eyes. Whenever you close your eyes during sex, you have only got one thing to focus on – the sensation in your penis. And the more you concentrate on it, the most intense it will get. To the point where you just can’t control it anymore. So keep your eyes open and appreciate the woman that is in front (on top) of you.

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