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This is how you can prevent premature ejaculation.

Step 1. Foreplay

Here is what you need to do to last longer in bed. Do not immediately go to the danger zones (like women breast). That is not how you excite a woman; that is how you stimulate a man. And this is not a man. Start slow, caress her arms, caress her neck, her stomach, her legs, grab her hair. Remember this fact; there is no such thing as too much foreplay.


Step 2. Be present

A lot of guys think that they should prolong their orgasm by thinking about their grandmother naked or their cat scat. Do not do that! That is not what sex is about. Sex is about this moment that is happening right now. Stop worrying about the orgasm. The present moment is the only moment that matters. You might have the situation tons of guys are the dream of. Let yourself be transported to another universe, where the only thing that exists is you and her. Pay attention to everything: her touch, her hair, her skin, her legs, her taste or smell, her sounds – take all about it.

Step 3. Slow down


When you feel like you are about to burst, turn it down a notch. This is not a race; there are no prizes for being the hardest, fastest, strongest lover. She does not care about these things. So, when you feel it coming, just slow down your breathing. Not too fast, just breathe in and out. And if you fell about to inject her with a dose pop protein, just stop and go back to step 1. Be like LA traffic – stop and go, stop and go.

Once you start to appreciate the journey just as much as you appreciate the finish line, the quality of sex you have is going to skyrocket. This is the foundation to that, and there you have it. This is how you go from being instant ejaculator to being a sex giant.

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