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Long-lasting and intense sex…. It is what most men and women dream about. Unfortunately, we have a great variety of factors that prevent us from deep and extended sexual activity: stress, diseases, and physical conditions, – that lead to sexual dysfunction.


Sexual dysfunction is a problem experienced by a man, women, or couple, at any stage of sexual activity, including stimulation, arousal, libido, pleasure, or orgasm. It can have a profound impact on your sex life and affect your relationship. Therefore, you should know how to improve your sexual health and set the best result.

Men often complain of their inability to last longer in bed or expel a larger volume of semen as they think it can boost their pleasure and satisfaction. Let’s talk about these problems in detail today.

The first thing you should remember is that short sexual endurance and low semen volume are two separate problems that can have different causes (as well both of them can have the same root). Here are some recommendations that can help men – despite your age and physical condition – enhance your ejaculation and make your orgasms more explosive.

How to Boost Ejaculation

Let’s start with the process of ejaculation for you to understand how it works.


Ejaculatory ducts are the ways your semen take when being expelled.

Testicles (gonads or testes) are the male sex glands located behind the penis. Their initial functions are to produce sperm and the male hormone, testosterone. Testosterone controls the development and work of reproductive organs.

The epididymis is the mass of thin tubes where your sperm develops and becomes mature. It is an integral part of the male reproductive system that stores your sperm until you ejaculate.

The prostate is a gland of the walnut-size located between the penis and bladder, surrounding the upper part of the urethra. The gland stores fluid that protects and nourishes your sperm. Besides, it shuts the urethra passage when you get aroused. Sometimes, the prostate is regarded as the male G-spot.

Seminal vesicles (vesicular or seminal glands) are tubular glands located within the pelvis. The vesicles generate seminal fluid that protects your sperm when it is expelled.

Vas deferens (or ductus deferens) is a tube between the epididymis and the seminal vesicles. It transports your sperm from the epididymis to the vesicles in anticipation of ejaculation.

Now, you know how your sperm is produced, stored, and expelled. Let’s see what we can take to increase your semen volume and improve your sexual function.

The amino acid is a biologically important organic compound that is reported to add ejaculate fluid (rather than sperm) when taken on a regular basis. L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, and L-Lysine are amino acids that can help you gain the highest effect.


Zinc is a metal needed for proper development of a human body. It is believed to increase the production of sperm, as well as its motility. If you combine zinc with amino acids, you will note a significant increase in sperm quantity. You can take supplements that contain all these effective ingredients, for example, Performer5.


Horny Goat Weed is a potent herb used in Chinese traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It promotes sexual desire and drive and increases testosterone levels. This results in stronger and longer-lasting ejaculations.


Pumpkin seeds are known for their ability to improve prostate health and promote testosterone production. Besides, they are rich in zinc.


Kegel exercises can help men increase sexual endurance as well as promote sperm quantity. You can also do different pubococcygeus (PC) muscle exercises that make your penis stronger, firmer, and larger. You will shoot as a superman.


How to Improve Orgasms

On average, men last three minutes when they directly penetrate their penis into the vagina. But you can be an exception and last longer in bed extending pleasure and satisfaction. Here are some recommendations and tips you can use to experience an unbelievable climax and enjoy your sexual activity.


Yes, sex brings you impressive and incredible pleasure that catches your breath or makes breathe rapidly. When you are experiencing such sensations, it is quite difficult to control your thoughts or movements, but you should do it to increase your satisfaction.

Please control your breathing – do not hurry, add some sexual sounds that can help arouse your girl or woman. It requires some time and experience to master your breathing, but sooner or later, you’ll get used to it.

Muscle Contracting


The pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is a muscle that extends from the pubic bone to the tailbone (coccyx) and supports pelvic organs. These pelvic floor muscles are located around your penis, testicles, and anus. By contacting them, you will make your erections harder and firmer, and get better control over ejaculations. Besides, it is quite easy, and you can do the contracting exercises wherever and whenever you want.

Testicle Tugging

When you feel that you are close to a climax, you should tag your testicles from your body (as they rise on the verge of an orgasm). It can delay your ejaculation. Please tag your testicles discretely – no rapid or sharp movements.

Perineum Pressure

When you feel that you are close to a climax, you can press your perineum (the area of the body between your scrotum and anus) with the fingers. When you are experiencing orgasm, the prostate gland is contracted (therefore, it is regarded as the male G-spot), pushing out the ejaculation fluid. If you press on the perineum, it blocks the flow. To boost pleasure, you can ask your partner to do it.


The stop-and-start technique is the interruption of sexual activity when you come close to a climax. It helps you delay the orgasm and increase ejaculation volume. When you are close to the ejaculation, stop the intercourse and wait until your sensations calm down. Meanwhile, you can use other tricks to keep your partner warm. Now, when you cool down, enjoy your sex!

You know how you can prolong your sexual intercourse, accumulate semen, and increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Just keep in mind that pre-seminal fluid can leak out before you expel your semen. If you want to have sex without outcomes, use condoms.

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