What Are The Natural Premature Ejaculation Methods?

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The primary and most common symptom of PE is the inability of a man to delay ejaculation for more than a couple of minutes after penetration. This can occur in all kinds of sexual situations, even while masturbating. There are a couple of classifications that are used for PE – primary – when it is a lifelong problem and secondary – when it occurs later in life.

Lifelong or primary PE is said to happen when a man has this issue right from the first sexual encounter. Secondary or acquired PE manifests with the same symptoms but occurs much later in life when a man has had sexual encounters without any problems.

How to cure PE?

Many people don’t realize that stress leads to contracted muscles in the body, which impede sexual function and the ability to enjoy intercourse. This tension occurs even in pelvic muscles and prevents their performance. Many men don’t realize that they may be holding their breath and also supporting their body weight differently in specific sexual positions like the missionary pose, which inevitably leads to premature ejaculation. Since an orgasm occurs due to muscular contractions, it is wise for people to work on being relaxed and happy before intercourse. Stretching, doing yoga, and working on reducing anxiety with breathing exercises and also working out vigorously before sex is a good way to lessen tension in the abdominal and pelvic muscles.


Getting a full body massage before intercourse can help with releasing tension in muscles all over the body. Sex is not just about stimulating the genitals – it is the ability for people to manage their discomfort and also the capacity to feel exposed and let touching and feeling happen spontaneously.

Another important natural premature ejaculation method usually prescribed by physicians is Kegel exercises. This set of activities works on strengthening important muscles in the pelvic region, which are essential for a variety of functions, including sex.

PE is an undoubtedly curable dysfunction, and one can only start off to getting cured with simple exercises and home remedies. Furthermore, one can also visit a practicing doctor to know more about the drugs to consume.

Home remedies for PE


There are a few things that men can do to reduce performance anxiety, and there is no need for medication. One premature ejaculation method is to talk to a therapist or one’s partner about anxiety about the issue – guided imagery also helps. Some doctors may prescribe medications, which lessen anxiety and heighten sexual pleasure.

Trying to be less tense before having sex helps – there are quite a few yoga poses and breathing exercises, which help relieve tension and put the man in a relaxed frame of mind and body to have great sex.

Masturbating and working towards delaying orgasm for 20 minutes or more will work well when one is having sex.

Many sexual positions are also the cure for PE – it comes as a surprise to couples, and they are successful when new and different poses are incorporated into their routine.

Desensitizing creams like PLUMP enhancing cream are another option – but may not work well for everyone.

There are self-help books and videos, which offer a lot of insights into dealing and overcoming PE.

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