Peyronie’s Disease – How to Treat?

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Do you suffer from Peyronie’s disease? Yes? Don’t worry. Why? It is why. Because there are a lot of treatments, that can improve your condition.

No Cure

Yes. There is no cure. Don’t give up, though.

While there is no known drug for this condition, there are treatments that will make it go away. Requesting pills immediately from your doctor is impossible. However, a lot of physicians choose to wait and watch if your indications aren’t serious.

Lifestyle changes


Changing lifestyle may also reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction related to Peyronie’s disease. This includes:

  • Exercising regularly;
  • Quitting smoking;
  • Reducing alcohol consumption;
  • Stopping the use of illegal drugs.


Your healthcare provider may prescribe you medicines. It involves drugs being inserted into the penile organ or surgery, in case if you are experiencing more penis curvature or pain over time.

Just clostridium hystolyticum or Xiaflex is accepted by the FDA to cure Peyronie’s disease. Men, who have curvature more than 30 degrees in the erect state, can use this medicine. You need to do several injections into your penis. It will ruin the scar tissue that made the curve.


Two other drugs that are used to treat Peyronie’s disease are:

  • Interferon injections;
  • Oral verapamil.

Nonsurgical treatments

This condition can also be treated with iontophoresis. It is a method, during which patient get low electrical amperage that helps supply drugs under the skin.


Other methods don’t need drug usage:

  • Vacuum devices;
  • Penis extenders;
  • Shockwave therapy.

Men, who take Xiaflex, can find penis exercises effective. They need to do following exercises:

  • Penis stretching. Do this when the penis is in the flaccid state, three times a day. Stretch your manhood for half of the minute.
  • Straightening the penis. You should perform this exercise when you have an unprompted erection. Do it for half of the minute.

Natural remedies


While most natural resources for Peyronie’s disease are not well-studied and are based on anecdotal evidence, some are studied and show promise.

In a 2001 study, it was found that acetyl-l-carnitine is significantly safer and more effective than tamoxifen in treating early chronic Peyronie’s disease.

The results of a study in 2010, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, have found that coenzyme Q10 supplements improved erectile function as well as reduced penile curvature in patients with early chronic Peyronie’s disease.


It is the final option when a man has serious penile curvature. If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, first you should try to treat it for a year and only when the treatment was unsuccessful, you can do surgery.

The surgical options are:

  • Inserting implants;
  • Lengthening the scar tissue side;
  • Shortening the unimpaired penis side.

If you choose to lengthen your penis, you will have more chances to get erectile dysfunction. Shortening is performed in less serious cases.

But if you suffer from premature ejaculations, there are a lot of treatment options available, for example, Julian’s Rock Hard Cream.

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