Simple Trick To Last Longer In Bed

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In this article, I am going to share with you a powerful trick that guarantees that you last as long as you want in bed during penetration. And you will also discover how to give a woman a mighty penetration orgasm with one of my favorite sex positions.

Thousands of women complain of two common problems during sex. And it is that they don’t get enough foreplay and that their men do not last long enough during penetration. So, these sexual tips I’m going to share with you will not only let you last longer in bed but will also enable you to give her enough stimulating foreplay.

One of the best ways to make a woman scream during sex is to give her what I call an “anticipative sex time.” Now, make your girl lie on her back gently while her clothes are still on her. Then start kissing passionately for at least three to five minutes. This is the time, in which you gradually begin to remove her clothes. This will help you remove the battery out of her being worried about her body.


When you enter women’s vagina, rub the head of your penis along her pussy for like 10 seconds. This gets your penis used to a new feeling. This feeling is different to what you were feeling minutes ago. Now deep the head of your penis into her vagina without moving. By doing this, you are getting yourself used to the new feeling inside of her, which was different to what you were feeling and at the same time lowering your arousal.

Many men make the mistake of going full speed after like 3 to 4 thrusts. This is a sure way to cum very fast. So, when you notice your arousal going down, then you can begin to go to deeper, stronger, and faster. I bet it with you; she would be on her way to coming very quickly. If you notice you are about to cum, pull out and give her a nice oral. Beleive me; she won’t complain.


The next step is to set her in a position called the G-WHIZ. It is a modification of the missionary position and a great chance to stimulate a woman’s G-spot. This pose begins the same as the missionary position. Your woman should lie on her back, and you should kneel down between woman’s hips. A woman should place her legs on your shoulders before you put the penis into her vagina. This sex position brings a lot of satisfaction to women because in this pose you can stimulate women’s G-spot with your penis. G-spot is a susceptible zone, which is situated on the front wall of the vagina. You should move soft and not hard because this can be unpleasantly for your woman. You don’t even need to last longer with this position to make her cum.

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