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Stories about a Real Increase in Penis Parameters

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It is not a secret for anyone that today there are many different ways which can help you can increase the settings of the male genitals. Let us outline the main methods used by modern men:


  1. Use of food additives;
  2. Use of special devices and devices;
  3. Doing exercises;
  4. Surgery.


Plastic surgery is one of the most unsafe methods of enlarging the penis. Therefore, we strongly recommend that such a dangerous option be used only in case of emergency when other ways of accelerating the penis enlargement can do nothing about that. Read more information about penis surgery - menshealth.


We suggest all readers get acquainted with the real stories of men who despite everything, nevertheless managed to stimulate the penis enlargement naturally.


Milan, age 29


The inferiority complex arose when I first got into the pool locker room with my 20-year-old classmates. That's when I realized that my penis is not big enough. Today this complex starting to leave me gradually. And the whole point is that right now I see a positive result from the use of the Penomet hydro pump. Only 3 months and the penis increased by 1.5 inches. I hope this is not the end, and very soon I will rejoice with the maximum result of the enlargement, which should reach 4 inches.




Christian, age 48


I was always skeptical about the various dietary supplement and devices for stimulating penis enlargements. However, several years ago, I decided to experience the effect of an extender. The result was pleasantly surprised and pleased. The curvature of the penis has disappeared, and its size has increased by no less than 15 percent. Therefore, those men who consider their penis as not big enough should start using an extender device.


Phil, age 58


Due to my solid age, I tried not to think about the increase in the penis size. However, there was one situation, which made me consider a selfless step, which I do not regret now. A friend advised a safe biologically active food supplement. After taking it, I increased the parameters of the penis. At first, doubts arose, but the results were frankly surprising after the end of the treatment course. In addition to the fact that the penis has significantly increased in size, the quality of sexual life has become much better.


As you can see, natural methods of stimulating penis enlargement are not only effective but also safe for human health. Today, they help men around the world to increase the parameters of their genitals, as well as to get rid of the sexual dysfunction that comes with age.


Penis Enlargement Products


VigRX Plus


Today, we will analyze the three most popular brand products that contribute to the natural process of penis enlargement. It's about the Bathmate, Penomet, and the food additive VigRX Plus.


Let's start with the most popular means in the modern market, which increases the parameters of the genitals in a relatively short period, and also eliminates all symptoms of sexual dysfunction. This is all about VigRX Plus. The natural composition of the biologically active additive does not cause adverse reactions, which is confirmed by a lot of clinical studies.


Let's highlight the main advantages that the user gets in the process of using the remedy:


  1. Increase in penile parameters in a soft and erect state;
  2. More prolonged and powerful erection;
  3. The quality and duration of sex is increased;
  4. Relieves nervous tension, which promotes maximum relaxation during sex;
  5. The effect of using the remedy persists for a long time.



The next efficient way to increase the size of the penis is to use the world-renowned Bathmate and Penomet pumps. The main difference between these devices is that Bathmate is designed for universal use, and Penomet should be used in the water environment (in the bathroom or the shower). The principle of the pumps is to create a pressure that stimulates the flow of blood to the cavernous tissues of the penis. This process, in turn, stretches the cavernous tissues and makes the penis longer and more massive.


During the prolonged use of pumps, the parameters of the penis can be increased by 30%. This positive result persists until 2 years. These products are repeatedly tested by clinical studies, which confirm their effectiveness and safety. Pumps are made of medical materials that do not cause allergic reactions and irritations of the skin.


With the use of the Bathmate and Penome devices, not only the size of the penis increases but also the quality of sexual life improves. Therefore, if you want to experience all of the above benefits on yourself, you need right now to begin penis training with the Bathmate and Penome pumps.