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What Is A Penis Enlargement Patch? Reviewing ProEnhance as an Example

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An insufficient length of the penis is what leads to the emergence of various insecurities and phobias. In turn, this causes a weakening of the man's potency and erections, as well as other intimate problems. Today, experts recommend using special patches for solving such sexual dysfunctions.


ProEnhance patch impacts the penis locally. You need to attach the product to your lower abdomen, closer to the pubis. The substances the patch contains will gradually absorb into your skin and lead to the desired effect. Worth noting, the product has proven its effectiveness, having been used for more than 15 years. Learn more about how transdermal patches work on Wikipedia.


 The patch is saturated with the following ingredients:


    • Turnera diffusa leaves;
    • Centella Asiatica;
    • Fallopia Multiflora;
    • Menthol;
    • Berries extract.


Altogether, these substances produce a comprehensive favorable effect on the male reproductive system.


Advantages of ProEnhance:


 Advantages of ProEnhance:


    • A unique formula for a comprehensive positive effect;

    • Enhanced libido;

    • Preventive treatment of prostate problems;

    • Penis enlargement:

    • Elimination of erectile issues;

    • Normalized blood circulation in the pelvic organs.




You can use the patch every three days. Just attach the product to your the lower abdomen and forget about it for the day. It's recommended to use this remedy for 5-6 months or longer, applying a new patch every three days. In addition to sexual improvements, the solution provides a preventive treatment of prostate and urinary disease. Worth noting, you can still shower or take a bath while wearing a patch.


The positive effect will show up after you've worn a handful of patches. It's recommended to buy products of this kind only from official distributors, to avoid paying for a fake that may harm your health. ProEnhance has no side effects. However, men who take medications to lower their blood pressure should consult with their physician before applying the penis enlargement patches.